STD-företagens member firms act according to market conditions and get the vast majority of their business commissions from clients other then the owners.

STD-företagen collects together companies of different categories and size - small consultancies as well as large groups listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Most of the member firms are relatively small. 70 % have less than 15 employees.

Most of our member companies are involved in building and civil engineering projects, from early stages of community planning and general investigations to design and follow-up of investments. Within the industrial sector we represent companies that develop production methods and products and industrial processes.

Locate an architect or a consulting engineer

Are you a client who wants to look into what the Swedish market can offer? An architect or a consultancy who seeks a Swedish partner? Want to know more about a specific company?

Among STD-företagens member firms you will find companies who are among the best, most professional and well known and most innovative in the Swedish market. Some of them with expanding export services.

Member companies from A - Ö

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